Funded Projects:

  • Co-PI, “Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Tools (ArtIT) for Cyber Hardening of Power Grids, Department of Energy (DOE), 2022-2025. $2,000,000. PI: Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman, FIU. 
  • PI (Lead), “Consortium for Research and Education in Power and Energy Systems (CREPES) for Sustainable STEM Workforce,”  National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), Department of Energy (DOE), 2021-2024, $3,000,000.  Partnering Institutions: University of Texas at El Paso (PI: Paras Mandal) and Alabama A&M University (PI: Stephen U. Egarievwe). NNSA National Labs: Sandia National Lab (PI: Felipe Wilches-Bernal) and Lawrence Livermore National Lab (PI: Dr. Jhi-Young Joo)  Project Website 
  • PI,  Optimal  Reconfiguration  and  Resilient  Control Framework for Real-Time  Photovoltaic Dispatch to Manage Critical Infrastructure (ReDis-PV),”  Department of Energy (DOE) through the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC), 2019-2022, $600,000. Lead PI: Sukumar Kamalasadan, UNCC. Project Website 
  • PI, “CAREER: Operation of Distribution Grids in the Context of High-Penetration Distributed Energy Resources and Flexible Loads,” National Science Foundation (NSF), 2018-2024, $500,000. Project Info 
  • PI, “Packetized Energy Management: Coordinating Transmission and Distribution,” ARPA-E through University of Vermont (UVM), 2016-2021, $346,504+$200,000 (Plus-up).  Lead PI: Mads Almassalkhi, UVM. Project Info 
  • Co-PI, “Power system protection in a smart grid perspective (ProSmart),” Norwegian Research Council through Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 2015-2019, $506,667.   PI: Bruce Mork, Michigan Tech. Project Website 
  • Co-PI, “NTNU-SIU Collaboration in Higher Education with USA,” Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education, 2014, $20,000. PI: Bruce Mork, Michigan Tech.
  • PI, “Strategies for Real-time Monitoring and Optimal Control of Michigan Tech Distribution Systems,” Michigan Tech Research Excellence Funds, 2013-2014, $26,000.